The Reasons Why I Choose Interventional Cardiology: Personal Statement

Personal Statement

My personal statement on interventional cardiology is the result of the decisions I have made over the past 10 to 15 year period. In cardiology, the science strives to understand puzzling conditions. Interventional cardiology challenges the brain with its fine-tuned techniques. I am amazed by cardiology and interventional cardiology.

My cardiology rotations during my residency made me feel very special. I was able, faster than anyone else, to interpret ECG data and echocardiography results correctly. When I went to the rounds of patients with my consultant, my clinical judgment was respected and was often correct. It was exciting to treat acute cardiac emergencies and see the patient improve. This excitement helped me cope with the stress and long hours on call and sleepless night. The hospital I worked at (Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain) did not offer interventional care. As I moved to the King Faisal Hospital Research Center (Riyadh KSA), I had my first exposure to interventional cardiac experience. At first I had difficulty reading the images. After some time, I was amazed at how challenging and exciting it became to control the floor controls with your feet and to watch the monitor for patient blood pressure. By joining interventional cardiovascular medicine, I combine my brain and body talents. My mission is to take part in this project which will benefit my entire population. My participation in the project will be active if I choose to enter the field.

Do you think I can do it? ?.

Everybody will think of such things, especially if a woman joins such a subspecialty.

Answer: I am the answer. My self is the answer. I did well in medical school and received a level-A. Then I went on to complete my internal medicine exams, joined the hardest specialty cardiology. Now I’m almost finished with my fellowship. And I earned the title as the best fellow. The ability to be calm in stressful situations, to remain calm, to make good decisions, to guide my team and to stay calm are some of the things that will help me succeed at interventional cardiovascular fellowship.

To ensure that I have time to myself, I try to balance my work load by pursuing hobbies. I like to read and watch movies in large cinemas. Traveling is my favourite hobby. I love to meet new people and explore different cultures. It makes you feel like you are a tiny person in an enormous world. I have visited Lisbon, Athens, Seville, Paris, Malaysia and states in America.

I am sure that I made the right choice in choosing to join interventional cardiology and am prepared to learn and master it.


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