Stress Management Of Teachers

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An opening statement

The Problem Statement

The characteristics of respondents;

Stress Levels for High School Teacher

The Study’s Importance

This is an introduction to what is to come.

Teachers are key people in frontline for ensuring quality teaching is given to future generations. Teachers have a major role to play in the development of great leaders. Teachers taught many valuable organizational skills and skills to develop personally. They were able to reach their current position because of these skills. Some students have great talent. Teachers have helped some students to become great. Teachers have a great influence on students. Teachers have to perform many tasks in their everyday lives. They are expected to fill many roles in their daily tasks. Due to the stress that comes with balancing all of these roles, it is inevitable for them to be stressed.

According to Etymology Dictionary “stress” comes from the field of physics. In reality, stress is pressure. The Latin word stringere’ means to ‘draw tightly’. Stress is a universal phenomenon resulting in an intense, distressing and excessive experience. Stress can be a motivator for action, and it can lead to new perspectives. Stress can be a positive or negative influence. It may lead to feelings such as anger, depression, distrust and rejection. Any change to the environment will cause a person’s body’s response. Body reacts with mental, physical and emotional reactions to these changes. Stress-related tension increases as a result. Physical symptoms can include headaches or dyspepsia. They may also experience chest pains and have difficulty sleeping. According to research conducted in various cultures, school teachers experience the most stress at work. It can be caused by a high workload, students who do not behave or work properly, poor relations with colleagues, insufficient resources and constant changes within the field.

Teachers play a crucial role in the advancement and development of a society. They strive to be respected by their peers, to feel appreciated, and to work in an environment conducive to academic excellence. Teachers are overwhelmed by their daily teaching loads. The standardization of work loads for teachers is not the best solution, as it can lead to dissatisfaction. However, if teachers are unhappy with their work they will be less likely to do so. The teachers’ current vulnerability and low confidence are the primary causes of stress. Teachers are unable to perform their duties as educators due to stress.

By providing inputs, secondary education creates an interconnection to higher education. Secondary education can be a very important tool to understand and analyze the current educational scenario in a country. Secondary school teachers are crucial to the education system. It is true that if a secondary teacher can create a solid knowledge of a certain subject in his students, they will be motivated to learn the subject. They may also develop an interest in it which could motivate them to pursue higher education. Secondary school teachers have the most important position in education.

Teachers must learn to manage stress in order to not let it interfere with the attainment of their educational and personal goals. Individuals with occupational stress may employ different coping mechanisms to either minimize or eliminate its negative impacts on their lives. Curtis’s (2000) study supports this statement by indicating that different stress management techniques are used. These include physical exercise, relaxation and behavioral modification, biofeedback, meditations, cognitive therapy, and other strategies. Leungaetal (2009) also stated that teachers can reduce their occupational stress by using active coping skills and health-promoting behaviors. This will improve both their mental and physical well-being. If different health professionals, educators and other bodies are willing to help them in this regard, it can be done.

This study was intended to examine the stressors experienced by high school educators at the private schools selected in Baliuag (Bulacan) and the ways in which they manage their stress.

Stress can affect productivity. This can happen to anyone at the office, no matter the size or position. Most people will experience it at some point. This study aimed to determine the stress management practices of selected high school teachers in Baliuag. Bulacan. The study also sought to solve the following issues:

The characteristics of respondents;

how old


Years of experience in teaching

Teachers at secondary schools are subject to a variety of stressors.

These stressors are a major source of stress for secondary school teachers.

Stress Levels of High-School TeachersThe conceptual model shows the relationship between independent variables (Stress Management) and dependent variables (Stress levels of High-School Teachers). High school teachers can regulate their stress levels by using stress management coping techniques.

Glossary Oxford University Press (2005: p. 3) defines stress as an intervention intended to reduce workplace stressors. They can be aimed at improving an individual’s capacity to deal with stressors. Stress Management programs may also be aimed at an organization and aim to reduce stressors within a specific role. Coping is the process by which people deal with stressful situations. Both stress and coping are reciprocal. Stress levels tend to decrease or be lower when coping is successful. If the individual’s coping skills are ineffective, stress levels will tend to rise or increase.

Study ResultsThe results of the study will benefit future educators, teachers, students and researchers. This study will help identify the stressors that high school teachers face and their coping mechanisms. This study can be used as a basis for the future action plans that teachers will take to deal with their stressors in order to not have it impact their job performance. Teachers and future teachers will better understand stress management so it does not affect their performance on the job or in life.

Teachers will be able to better manage the stress that they experience on a daily basis due to their work. This study will explore strategies secondary-level teachers can employ to cope with stress resulting from their particular work environment. This study will make a contribution to health promotion and education by giving teachers insight and information about how to cope effectively with stress in the workplace so they can continue to meet educational goals.

School administrators can be informed about the stressors teachers have experienced. This will help them to manage their expectations and pressures on teachers.

Department of Education is able to support teachers in coping with stress through workshops and seminars. The study will help them to see the stress teachers face and the negative impact it has on both their personal lives and their work performance.

Future educators will be aware of the stress that they will face as soon as they enter the teaching field. This study also helps to prepare the future educators to deal with stressors.

Future Researchers This study can be used to model future studies. Future researchers can benefit from the study. It will give them the data they need to compare studies over time.


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