Should Chocolate Milk Be Served In Schools

Should chocolate drink be served to students in school? This essay should be based on strong arguments. Some experts choose to stop school cafeterias serving chocolate milk or other seasoned milk to students. This group of people is concerned about the added sugar to chocolate milk or other seasoned drinks. The excess of sugar in chocolate milk is certainly a bad thing, but it does not seem logical to me that cafeterias should be deprived of the drink. It would be worse to remove chocolate milk or any other flavored milk from cafeterias than the small amount of sugar that kids consume.

The following are my three main reasons for believing that schools should still serve chocolate-flavored milk. The same nutrients are in chocolate milk as they are in white. There are also a variety of options. Last but not least, they can get their daily dose. This essay will analyse these arguments.

In the first place, they receive all of the nutrients found in white dairy. White milk is also packed with nutrients, and chocolate milk has the same package. Chocolate milk may also help fight diseases. Last but not least, all chocolate milks are low in sugar. I shared this because some people may think chocolate is high in sweeteners, but that’s not true. This is why I believe chocolate milk should/shouldn’t be served in schools.

They have lots of options. The children have already been given two options in school. Different studies indicate that chocolate milk in any form is most popular. This shows that children like chocolate milk to drink in school. Kids like milk, so they think that white milk or flavored milk is good. I love milk. That’s just my opinion. Chocolate milk in schools is another good reason to me.

Last but not least, children can receive their daily servings. You can give your child their daily three servings by drinking any type of dairy product. After i’ve cleared that up, the kids can choose chocolate milk as their daily serving. It is even stated in the guidelines that children 9 and over should consume three servings. The guidelines are life-saving! Am I Right? Or am I right? The consumption of flavored milk by children is more likely to help them reach the recommended daily servings. It is better for kids to drink flavored milk, such as chocolate milk or any other kind of flavored beverage. You can see that flavored dairy products are a great way to help kids get the 3 daily servings they need.

Some critics may claim that chocolate milk is high in sugar due to the chocolate. Actually, white milk and chocolate milk are both healthy. Some people might say that they don’t believe chocolate milk should be served in schools. It’s your choice. Each of us has a different opinion. Kids love it. This is just a small sample of what critics might say. You may want to keep chocolate milk in schools now that you know more about it. Argumentative essays can help resolve the issue of chocolate milk in schools. These are my top 3 reasons for keeping school chocolate milk. They get the same nutrition. Then, they can choose from a variety of options. Last but not least, they can get their daily dose. Chocolate milk in schools is what I meant when I said it should be offered to children.


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