Fast Food Should Be Banned: Analysis Of Health Effects

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Our lives are dominated by food. Everyone must eat in order to survive. Today, people are busier than they have ever been. We have no time to relax, spend the day cooking, or sit down and enjoy a meal. The food industry is also evolving as the world grows. Fast food is now a common food. Fast food can be tasty, inexpensive, and convenient. You can find them everywhere and they are always open. Many people, especially Americans, enjoy eating fast food. Fast food can be good for your health. However, it is also bad for you. It is unhealthy and addictive. Fast food should be banned. In this essay, we will examine how fast-food is slowly killing us all. Is it okay to see ourselves and loved ones being killed by fast-food?

Fast food causes obesity and is unhealthy. Fast food is considered junk food because of its high calorie content and high energy, but it lacks essential micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These foods lack the nutrients your body requires to remain healthy. Even so, people still love fast food. Fast food can cause people of any age to become overweight. Fast food does contain vegetables. For example, the burger might have lettuce, tomato slices, onions, and two small pickles. These vegetables may be good for you, but they are not in sufficient quantities. Fast food contains a lot of fats and carbohydrates, but very few vegetables. The amount of food we consume is insufficient to sustain us for the entire day. While many may not have the skills to prepare a meal, even simple food such as sandwiches, salads and scrambled-eggs can be better than fries or burgers.

More than two thirds of Americans are obese, and this is a fact that many people already know. Obesity can affect your health and social status. Many Americans don’t care about how they look. In everyday life, we do not stereotype or judge other people based on their weight, except maybe at school. This may be considered a rude act. In Thailand, my home country, we tend to stereotype others, mostly based upon their looks. Obese people are looked down upon. Children may be bullied verbally or physically because they are fat. This is why Thailand has a much lower obesity rate than America. To avoid being stereotyped, everyone must be in good shape.

Fast food has been linked to many diseases. According to National Center for Health Statistics statistics, heart disease is the number one cause of death in America. Diet can prevent many diseases. The buildup of plaques in the arteries is what causes cardiovascular disease. These plaques might burst through the artery to cause a blockage. This could lead to a stroke or heart attack. Fast food can lead to heart disease since it contains high levels of cholesterol and encourages obesity.

Fast food can be addictive. Fast food is addictive. A lot of fast food comes with sodas that are loaded with sugar. We may feel an energy rush in our body after drinking soda, but it only lasts a few minutes. We crave sweets once we become accustomed to them.

Jamie Oliver is a chef who lives in England. He was invited by “TED” to discuss food. Oliver claimed “adults from the past four generations blessed their children’s destiny with a short lifespan because we have built a landscape of food around them.” Children born during this generation are literally growing up eating fries and chicken nuggets. Some may not even try to eat other foods and could even refuse. They all prefer fast foods over healthy ones. What will they do when they have their first child? Naturally, they’ll feed their kids fast food too. Fast food is going to replace healthy food in the near future. Statistics show that obesity rates for both adults and children are on the rise and will continue to do so unless we intervene. We are essentially killing our children if we don’t act now. They will lose a large portion of their life by eating whatever they want.

Oliver told stories about people in his life who were adversely affected by obesity and fast food. Brittany, a 16-year-old girl was one of the people Oliver told stories about. Brittany’s life was cut short by six years. Brittany’s life hasn’t even begun yet, but already she has a timer that shows how much longer she still has to live. It’s heartbreaking to think that a life could end so quickly.

Stacy and her family were the other. Stacy, her family and friends ate only fast food. Justin, Justin’s twelve year old son, weighs over 350 pounds. He is bullied because he’s fat. Katie, Katie’s four-year-old daughter. She’s already obese by the time she reaches primary school. Stacy was devastated and shocked when she learned that junk and fast foods were going to kill her kids early. Stacy stated that she wanted to see her children succeed in life. But this food will not help them get there. Jamie Oliver says that obesity is not just a problem for the obese person, but also their family members, brothers and sisters, as well as friends.

Some people might argue that food alone isn’t the cause of weight gain. Matthew Pearce argues that this statement is accurate, but despite the fact that obesity causes are multi-factored, an increasing energy intake is more likely to cause obesity than a decreased level of physical activity. Fast food will be around as long people can resist eating it. A bad diet cannot be out-exercised, according to research. People would still be overweight and unhealthy if they did not make the right food choices.

The price of fast food is known to be cheap. This is absolutely true. By 2019, the price of a sandwich or burger would be only $4 to $5. But what if a person developed heart disease due to eating fast-food? If that happens, it may be impossible to claim that fast food is cheaper. According to “The Costs Of Surviving Heart Disease: It Is Enough To Give You A Heart Attack!,” the cost for 90 days of stroke treatment is $15,000 The cost of treatment during this period can reach $35,000 for 10 percent. Some people are lucky enough to have excellent health insurances that cover the majority of their costs. Most insurance companies do not cover the entire cost of treatment. Cardiovascular was the disease with the most expensive out-of-pocket costs. This is approximately $21,995 each year.

ConclusionPeople today may see fast food as an innovative way to eat. It’s delicious. It’s easy to buy. It’s cheaper than most other foods. As you can see from this essay, fast food is not only unhealthy, but also harmful to your health. Fast food contributes to obesity. Fast food affects not just the consumers, but everyone in their immediate vicinity. Some have lost family due to obesity. Others are bankrupt because of medical conditions caused by bad eating habits. It is for this reason that I believe fast food should be banned. Fast food can be both a source of happiness and death.


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