EduClips: In TX Courts, Questions About Whether Charter Schools Are Private; New LAUSD Chief Beutner Faces Tough Road Ahead With Teachers — And More Must-Reads From America’s 15 Biggest School Districts

EduClips: In TX Courts, Questions About Whether Charter Schools Are Private; New LAUSD Chief Beutner Faces Tough Road Ahead With Teachers — and More Must-Reads From America’s 15 Biggest School Districts

EduClips provides a collection of the latest education news headlines from the biggest school districts in the US, where over 4 million students attend school daily across eight states. To receive the top school and policy news each day, you can sign up for the TopSheet Education Newsletter.

Top Story

OHIO – Despite the intense scrutiny surrounding the 2018 Ohio governor’s race primary vote, the outcome will not introduce any new candidates. Democrat Richard Cordray and Republican Mike DeWine, both former attorneys general, have emerged as the frontrunners. They will have to defend themselves against challengers who have comparable or greater levels of public recognition. Dennis Kucinich, a former Cleveland mayor and congressman, is criticizing Cordray from the left, while Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor’s Trump-like campaign has unsettled DeWine, who has extensive experience in statewide races.

All four candidates have spent years preparing for this opportunity, but their campaigns are now being overshadowed by a scandal that has implications for multiple major elections in Ohio. This scandal involves the closure of a charter school called the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT), along with its political supporters, which include many prominent Republicans in the state. The flow of money between them could potentially sway the outcome of the elections. Hence, this race, occurring after Donald Trump’s historic 2016 victory and featuring involvement from a Middle Eastern dictator, may ultimately be decided by local concerns. (Read the full story at

National News

AZ TEACHERS’ STRIKE – Following the #RedForEd walkout, teachers in Arizona are committed to continuing their political activism. (Read more at USA Today)

SCHOOL SAFETY – An AP review reveals over 30 incidents involving armed adults at schools. (Read more at the San Francisco Chronicle)

IMMIGRATION – Advocates fear that a pending Tennessee law could lead to the withdrawal of immigrant children from schools. (Read more at Nashville Public Radio)

ESSA – Find out which states are choosing not to assign school grades under ESSA. (Read more at Politics K-12)

VAPING – Schools are struggling to address the rising trend of student vaping, also known as "Juuling". (Read more at Education Week)

District and State News

TEXAS – The classification of charter schools as private institutions in Texas is dependent on the reason behind the inquiry. (Read more at The Texas Tribune)

CALIFORNIA – Austin Beutner’s task of winning over teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is challenging. (Read more at the Los Angeles Times)

NEVADA – The new head of Clark County schools in Nevada faces criticism over the selection process. (Read more at the Las Vegas Review-Journal)

CALIFORNIA – School bus drivers and teacher assistants in LAUSD are planning a full-day strike. (Read more at the Los Angeles Times)

NEW YORK – A month into his tenure, Chancellor Carranza is proving to be different from his predecessor, Carmen Fariña. (Read more at Chalkbeat)

ILLINOIS – Illinois may become the next state to require public schools to teach LGBT history. (Read more at Education Week)

FLORIDA – Students from Parkland face a dilemma regarding standardized tests. (Read more at Sentinel Source)

NEW YORK – Uncertainty lingers regarding testing and teacher evaluations among New York’s top policymakers. (Read more at Chalkbeat)

FLORIDA – Some schools in Florida are facing a shortage of teachers and are recruiting from other areas. (Read more at the Tampa Bay Times)

Think Pieces

SCHOOL SAFETY – Being prepared for a school shooting does not mean scaring children, but it necessitates adults being ready. (Read more at

MATH – The US struggles with math education, and this article explores the reasons behind it. (Read more at U.S. News and World Report)

FREE SCHOOL LUNCH – Providing free school lunch for all students is not only aimed at reducing stigma but also improving their overall health. (Read more at Chalkbeat)

AP CLASSES – Eighth-graders taking advanced placement language classes is a growing trend. (Read more at The Washington Post)

TEACHING – Teachers make numerous judgments in just over a minute, influencing their classroom decisions. (Read more at The Hechinger Report)

SCHOOL SAFETY – Proper threat assessments are crucial for preventing school shootings. (Read more at The Conversation)

TEACHING – Eleven teachers who embrace honesty and frankness in their teaching approaches. (Read more at Education Post)

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