Causes And Effect Of Drug Abuse

Essay on drug abuse: Causes and effects

Drug abuse is a serious problem for both individuals as well as society. Drug abuse includes the habitual intake of addictive drugs such as alcohol and marijuana. Even though the effects of substance abuse are well-known, people with this disorder feel compelled continue to use drugs. Krystina Murry and David Hampton’s studies show that there are more than 190 millions drug users in the world, with an increasing number of them under 30. More than 7,000,000 people suffer from drug addictions, which include alcohol, smoking, and prescription drugs. The risk of injury, accident, and domestic abuse increases with drug addiction. We must control our actions and not let medicine become poisonous, which can harm us, our families and society. This essay aims to deal with this serious issue by analyzing the causes, effects and implications of drug use.

Why do drugs have such an impact on people? There are many reasons for drug abuse, including the stress of the job and curiosity of the younger generation. In some countries, such as China, prescription drugs were used to reduce pain but became addictive chemicals. The desire to impress is another reason why kids use drugs. They will think that it is cool to use drugs, and they’ll be able to see this from the perspective of the kids who are not educated.

Both short- and long-term drug use will have a positive effect on our body’s health. The overall health of an individual depends on the frequency and amount of drug use. Drug abuse can have a negative impact on the body. Almost all human organs can be affected. Lung cancer caused by smoking is a well-known fact.

The three main ways to take drugs are by injection, inhalation or ingestion. Drug addicts inject drugs into their blood stream using needles. Because needles are costly and used only once, HIV can easily be spread when needles are shared. Inhalation happens when a drug enters your lung through your nose. For example, when you snort weed and smoke cocaine while drunk. This will lead to lung problems and respiratory problems. Ingestion happens when you eat the drugs, like ecstasy or other drugs.

Addiction to drugs can have many side effects.

An immune system that is weakened and reduced increases the chances of getting sick and infected.

Injection drugs can cause blood vessel infection, heart attacks and collapsed veins due to abnormal heart rate.

You may also lose weight if you experience nausea and abdominal discomfort.

This person is at risk of liver damage or failure due to increased liver strain.

Seizures, stroke, mental confusion and brain damage.

Lung disease.

Memory, attention, and decision-making problems that make everyday life difficult.

Drugs have global effects, including breast development in males and an increase of body temperature. Both can lead other health issues.

Many people do not realize how drug addiction and abuse can affect families. Families who are affected by the addiction of a family member can experience emotional damage, economic, legal and medical consequences, and more.

Drug and alcohol abuse can have both short and long term effects on a family. Stress caused by alcohol and drug abuse can split loving, peaceful families. As family members struggle to support a heroin-abusing child, conflict becomes the norm. Trust starts to erode. If a relative who abuses illicit drugs acts aggressively or hides the disorder, relatives may be more cautious. Addiction can cause changes in marriages. Communication becomes difficult and frustration is highlighted. They may watch their loved one suffer the side effects associated with drugs or become irrational when drinking alcohol. Some family members may witness their loved one lose weight quickly, and become unrecognizable. It may be a long time before a relative hears from them. They then discover they’re living on the streets, or that they overdosed. As a result, the relative can suffer severe trauma and develop unhealthy coping strategies like codependent habits.

The kids will copy their parents’ movements and vocals. They may even see it as something positive. In a drug-abusing family, children will learn that the drugs are dangerous to their nervous system and body.

In the average family, people are addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. In American Samoa a carton of cigarettes costs $9.50, while a bottle of wine is only $2.50 or $2.5. Cases of alcohol cost $20. Since my family owns a convenience store, I’ve noticed many people eating fast bowl noodles in order to afford a cigarette. In my town, two of the fathers drink alcohol every night after they work and don’t take care their children.

The police have caught a 12 year old drug addict who’s been stealing and selling drugs since the age of 10. The government has protected his name under the youth policy. When he was four, the drug-smuggling parents were arrested. He is the last member of the family. His parents sent him to the temple to make him good. It did not go well. When he was 10, he began injecting diamorphine in the same manner as his parents. This is the most hazardous way to do it: to inject into the main blood vessel. In the 12th grade, the child was expected to be at school studying but instead went to an isolation room to stop using drugs. He has no idea what’s right and wrong without the guidance and love of parents. His friend is a drug addict adult who plays boys, sells drugs and does not have a stable job. He told the reporter that his two biggest dreams were to go to college and to be a child. According to 2018 Chinese data, around 10000 people under 18 are drug users in China. This child is one.

Five factors can lead children down the wrong path.

Influence of family on children


Show them they’re rich.

The wrong friend-making

Drugs that are dangerous to the innocent.

Family influence is important. Most drug users grow up in families where harmony is lacking. It is because there is no loving, warm family. Not even a divorce between parents. Drug use among adolescents is largely due to the adverse effects of families. Drug use is more prevalent among young people who have family members who abuse drugs. Some parents in the family are divorced and/or go away for a long period of time. This leaves the children with no education.

As we all know, marijuana is already legalized in the United States. The drug has created jobs and increased the government’s income. Smokers of weed claim that it’s just smoke trees leaves, nothing harmful at all. This is not true. It is not just the individual who will be affected by weed, but also society. According to a survey of 129 college students, those who had smoked weed at least 27 out of 30 days prior to the study were found to have serious problems with attention, memory and learning. Think about a student smoking dope. Can he still complete his schoolwork? He has to be able to afford them. If he doesn’t, then he might steal, or make trouble.

I came across news coming from Mexico. Local time on 30th October, the government broadcasts the video of Ovidio, who is the child of drug gangster leader Joaquin.

Guzman Loera. Ovidio is released from prison under pressure. Andres manuel Lopez, the Mexican president, made an explaining speech. He stated that the arresting of a single criminal is not worthy of the deaths of others, and they don’t want the gunfight with the gang. The Mexico government’s weakness was so confusing. A governor today released news stating that America was behind this chaos and the reason is Fentanyl.

Fentanyl can be used as an analgesic. Opioids are 100 times more powerful than morphine and 50 times as strong as heroin in terms of analgesic properties. It is a powerful analgesic with few side effects. It’s still an effective medicine for treating pain and anesthesia. Fentanyl is addictive and has similar or more exciting effects.

Fentanyl abuse is a disease that has plagued American society for years. A report from the National Institute of Drug abuse said that in earlier years, 130 Americans died each day because of drug abuse. That included prescription drugs, synthetic drugs like heroin and fentanyl, as well as synthetic painkillers. In 2017, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that the U.S. had 27299 fatal cases of fentanyl abuse, a rise of 8964 from 2016.

Drug abuse can be dangerous to individuals, families and societies. As it stands, marijuana has been legalized in America. While this is an unavoidable fact, we hope that other countries will not allow any drugs to be legal. Stop drug misuse, both legal and illicit. Drugs are supposed to help people, not become poison. It is time to seek professional help if we can’t fight the drug by ourselves.


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