The Impact Of Mass Hysteria On The Community In The Crucible

Mass Hysteria was destructive in the past and is still destructive today. The Crucible, a play by Aruthur Miller, is based on the Salem Massachusetts Witch Trials in 1692. Aruther Mill’s play helps us understand how Aruther brought mass hysteria to a puritanical society. The people in Aruther Miller’s play confessed to witchery throughout the entire play. The story is filled with sin and darkness because of the mass hysteria. Arthur Miller uses conflict to show how mass hysteria can negatively affect a community.

We can fully appreciate how mass panic can impact a community so suddenly and negatively. Salem was a place of conflict, which affected the people and community. Mass hysteria also played a role. It is criminal to hold onto old friendships or respects. I’ve witnessed too many horrifying proofs in the courtroom that the Devil exists in Salem. Hale can use this quote to illustrate his character’s mindset and how mass hysteria and fear affect them. Hales’ internal conflict makes him question mass hysteria. He is more afraid of hysteria rather than being accused as a Witch. The?frightfulproofs? Hale’s?frightful proofs?enables him to understand that witchcraft accusations could be false. “I have never had a woman that read so many books. And I looked for the reason. Dysee. It was not witchcraft I blamed.” Giles was in conflict with his accusers over this quote because he never intended to accuse her of witchcraft or that she had committed the crime.

The conflict has helped us understand the mass hysteria throughout the story. How would you defend an accused person in a normal crime? To prove innocence, one calls on witnesses. But isn’t witchcraft, on the face of it, a crime that is invisible? So, who could be the witness? The victim and witch. The witch and the victim. We can no longer hope that she will do so. Deshalb, we can only rely on her victims, who will certainly testify. The witches are also a subject that everyone is eager to hear. What remains for an attorney to say? My point is clear, I think. I have not made my point. This quote shows us the effect Danforth has on actual witchcraft belief. Danforth believes that these people cannot be trusted, so he gets involved in another debate about whether or not what is going on is true. This story uses many conflicting examples to show how mass hysteria has a negative impact on society.


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